October 26, 2021

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No one is a lost cause

The worst assumption you can have about yourself is that your brain abilities are set in stone. That you have a certain degree of intelligence that was “assigned” to you at birth and cannot be changed.

You may believe that you were not privileged, wasn’t born into a supporting family and didn’t have the chance to grow up in a nurturing environment.

Maybe you think that you didn’t get the opportunity to learn at an early age how to set goals and create plans for your future. You may have made the assumption that it’s too late for you and there’s nothing you can do about it!

If those are your thoughts, you are wrong.

The worst assumption you can have about yourself is that your brain abilities are set in stone.

At any point, in your life, you can decide to “grow” your mind. You can train it to serve you better.

It is possible!

✅ If you are ready to build new habits and unlearn what is holding you back.

✅ If you stop taking failures as a proof of your limited brain abilities, but instead as lessons to help you build your skills.

✅ If you decide that you want a better life for yourself.

It is impossible to foresee the potential of any person or to predict what he is capable of accomplishing in a few years. Simply because you don’t know what is going inside his mind and what might trigger it to change direction at any moment.

No one is a lost cause, unless he decides so.

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